Video Games

I try to minimize how much my kids spend their time on electronic gadgets. Whenever I complain about that type of stuff, my wife asks me “didn’t you play games growing up?” It is true, but the games that I played growing up had “purpose” and those games required skills. 

The games that my son plays and somehow is addicted have “zero” skills required. These games are solely designed in order to trick people into purchase in-app garbage and  to make them keep playing forever.

Shame on these game developers. You turned yourselves into scam artists in my opinion. 

Over time, I’ve begun to realize something: I was searching for the wrong thing. It wasn’t the app’s success that mattered, but the success that came in the journey building it. The app never turned my business into a product-based powerhouse with a hockey-stick growth chart. Instead, the app gave me the skills to build another sort of business: a business where I call all the shots, where I decide my own schedule, where I can be truly present, every day, as my boys grow up. And, I still get to create things and use my brain to solve real problems.

The only part that I cared for in Google+. I bet this photo service part of Google+ generates revenue for Google. Personally I pay $9.99/month to use it as my primary photo backup tool.

Watched last night with the kids and Linda. It kinda gets lost in the middle of the movie. Too much unnecessary scenes. The movie could have been better with better editing. A good 20 min of the movie was not needed. And some characters were flat out annoying. 


We’re jack of all trades and master of none

Last couple of weeks, I’ve interviewed a few UI developers. During one interview, this guy said “Normally I would just search StackOverflow.” And I would ask them JavaScript questions and they would answer them back starting with “I would use JQuery for that one … .” That’s about 99% of us and we all think it’s okay; having this shallow knoweldge that’s about a few inches deep. I am in that 99%, but I am getting tired of it. Everything you know is you kinda know. “Responsive”? I would just use “Bootstrap”. Bam. Problem solved. Another subject that I don’t really have to actually get. Moving on to the next shiny technology that will make me not know anything really. And everyone talks about “AngulrJS” this “AngularJS” that. Okay. Another framework that takes my pains away and helps me stay mediocre.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong using these frameworks. (e.g. Read my homepage sales pitch.) But at least you should understand them. No more copying and pasting samples off their help pages, then jump right to stackoverflow hoping for someone to keep us stay “dumb.”

We all need to stop this. I need to stop this. In U.S., their education system takes pride in “not having to memorize anything”. If you have time, I urge you to read a fantastic book called "Moonwalking with Einstein." The book talks about memory. And the author points out that people who had the most in their head used to be considered “smart” way back in the days and he argues how one can grow intelligent when there is nothing memorized in one’s brain. “Why do I have to know these things when I can just google?” is a horrible way to approach your work; and it’s a horrible attitude towards your life.

I don’t want to be mediocre at what I do anymore. Too late? Maybe. But I sure will try. And you should too.